School Governance

How Arbor is Governed

Arbor Montessori School is a not-for-profit 503(c) organization governed by a Board of Trustees. Arbor’s volunteer Board of Trustees is responsible for preserving Arbor’s mission, vision, AMI Montessori philosophy, and the long-term success of the school. The Board of Trustees also assists in setting policy focused on long-range and strategic issues. To ensure the school’s sustainability, the Board also establishes fiscal policies and financial planning procedures to support a sound financial future of the school.  

The Board of Trustees delegates the full responsibility of school management and implementation of the Board’s policies and directives to the Head of School. Further, the Head of School supervises and manages the daily operations of the school. The Board is not involved in the day-to-day affairs of the school and is not a board of appeals.

Arbor’s Board is composed of parents, AMI Staff, and independent community members who put aside personal issues to focus on our shared mission; the school’s policies and decisions support this mission.

Standing Committees of the Board

The Arbor Board of Trustees directs the work of the board committees and accomplishes its work through these committees. Arbor encourages parents interested in the school’s decision-making process to join and participate in a board committee. From the discussions, research, and planning that occur at committee meetings, recommendations may be brought to the full Board for consideration.

  • Committee on Trustees
  • Diversity
  • Executive
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Health and Safety
  • Parent Involvement
  • Personnel Advisory
  • Planning