Prospective Parents

Finding the school that is the best fit for your child and your family can be stressful and overwhelming. However, an easy way to understand Montessori is to think of the school as a place where provocative questions are valued more than right answers.

We believe that children who are encouraged to ask questions become confident and independent thinkers. They become creative and innovative leaders. They become life-long learners.

  • Montessori education is based on the idea that children want to learn; it’s a natural instinct. Children receive an intrinsic reward from learning.
  • Traditional education is based on the idea that you have to offer extrinsic rewards (good grades, gold stars) to make children learn or punishments (bad grades, detention, extra homework) if they don’t learn.
  • Instead of pouring information into a child, Montessori believed the teacher’s role is to draw out that which is already there.
  • Montessori is the education that works with human nature, rather than against it.