Auxiliary Programs

Extended care is offered at both campus locations, as a part of Arbor’s Auxiliary Programs. Our before- and after-school programs provide a continuation of the Montessori philosophies of mutual respect, independence, and cooperation. The program is designed to be a warm, homelike environment and is supervised by the Auxiliary Directors and several teachers. 

In our before- and after-school programs, students develop social skills such as the ability to work and interact with others, the ability to solve problems, and to seek help when needed. Planned activities and unstructured time for students to play, read, write, or just be together are offered during this time period.

Before-School Care

Arbor offers early morning care at both locations on an annual, five-day-only contract basis for primary ages and up. The program is designed to help students prepare for the coming school day with opportunities for reading, small-group conversation, and other quiet activities. 

Space is limited. Contracts and fees can be found on the FACTS Family Portal. If space is available, students may drop in on a short term basis. Children cannot be dropped off at either campus before school begins unless they are signed up for Early Morning Care. 

After-School Care

After-School Care is offered at the Lavista Campus to ages 5 and older, and at the Scott Campus for students ages 3 to 6 who are currently enrolled in a Scott Campus classroom. To ensure space on a consistent basis, you must reserve by annual contract. 

There are developmentally appropriate activities to promote social, emotional, and physical development. Students are placed in two age groups for indoor time. At both campuses, the indoor environments include a quiet area for reading, creative writing, or resting; an arts and crafts area; and a place for indoor games. The outdoor environments offer space for craft projects, informal gatherings, and outdoor exploration and play. 

Conference & Holiday Camps

In addition to before- and after-school care, Arbor offers full-day Conference Camp during parent-teacher conference days and some teacher workdays. Students may play and explore in both indoor and outdoor spaces, participate in specially-planned crafts and activities, and spend time with one another outside the regular classroom environment. 

To sign up for any of Arbor’s Auxiliary Programs, please contact one of our Auxiliary Directors: Trae Haskins (Lavista Campus) and Anne Ledoux (Scott Campus).