Learning From Home

Learning from Home Handbook

The Arbor faculty and staff worked collaboratively to put this handbook together for the school community. The information shared in this guide aim to create a Montessori-based framework that helps students have an enjoyable, thoughtful, challenging and rewarding learning experience while supporting parents when children and students are engaged in learning from home.

Preparing Your Home for Learning

For our younger students, the learning environment is your home and surroundings. This means finding ways to support independence, engage in meaningful tasks and supplement learning through various activities suggested by teachers. Upper Elementary and Adolescent Program students will need all of the above, and should establish a quiet space for any specific assignments shared by teachers.

For our older students, it will be important for them to maintain their routine of handing in work and receiving feedback from their teachers. Overall, we can approach this as an opportunity to be creative and collaborative—we are here to support you through this process.