Arbor Montessori School was founded in 1970 by ten newly trained Montessori teachers. The school was originally called Montessori Child Development Center and served 45 children through its four locations around the greater Atlanta Area. Arbor’s thriving primary program led the Board of Trustees to develop its first strategic plan, which paved the way for opening a lower elementary program in 1974 and an upper elementary program in 1978.

The school community continued to grow and thrive, creating an immediate need for a larger space. A dedicated search led to the LaVista Road property purchase, which would become Arbor’s new home. The school’s name was changed to Arbor Montessori School in 1987 when the LaVista building was completed in honor of the beautiful wooded campus. 

By 1996 the school had grown to include two Upper Elementary classes, so the administration decided to move forward with a middle school program. The building was renovated and expanded, and, in 1997, the Adolescent Program was started. .

In 2014, Arbor opened its first Toddler community, and based upon popular demand, welcomed a second Toddler class in 2017. Arbor Montessori is one of only three schools in the metro area to provide a Montessori education from toddler through adolescence.

The LaVista Campus hosts one toddler class, two primary classes, two lower elementary classes, two upper elementary classes, and the adolescent program.

Our newest campus, located at 1434 Scott Blvd., opened in August 2016. The Scott campus in Decatur houses one toddler classroom and two primary classrooms.

The Scott Campus hosts one toddler class and two primary classes.