Annual Fund

Why Should I Donate to Arbor’s Annual Fund?

Arbor’s Annual Fund was established in 1996 to serve the broader school community’s growing fundraising needs. Our Annual Fund ensures Arbor can maintain an authentic Montessori environment that allows your child to thrive. Your tax-deductible gift provides extra support to the operating budget, such as increasing the amount available for tuition assistance, faculty education, and athletics. 

Our Arbor community has raised over $136,500 in Annual Fund dollars during the 2021-2022 school year, allowing us to continue offering tuition assistance and additional programming to support our children and students.

Participating in the Annual Fund will help ensure that your child builds a love of learning inside a dynamic, diverse, vibrant, and supportive community. Tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating our children.  We appreciate your generous donations, which enhance our children’s academic programs, allowing Arbor to keep tuition affordable and provide for:

Arbor Athletics

Teams include cross country, basketball, track & field, and ultimate frisbee. These teams are open to any student from 5th through 8th years. Your support funds equipment, uniforms, fees, and rentals, ensuring students experience teamwork, sportsmanship, physical challenges, and personal growth.

Faculty Excellence

Arbor teachers are passionate, highly engaged educators committed to every child’s academic success and emotional growth. As our students never stop learning, our teachers continuously strive to become better educators. Your support directly benefits the professional growth of our faculty.

Tuition Assistance

Arbor believes in keeping our surrounding community strong by providing Tuition Assistance for current families facing financial hardships. This program is funded entirely through Annual Fund giving and is essential to maintaining Arbor’s economic diversity among our students, families, and community.

Join Arbor’s Phoenix Society

Families who contribute $1,000 or more become members of Arbor’s Phoenix Society. As a Phoenix Society member, you have the opportunity to meet with other Phoenix Society members and with school leadership for a “state of the school” presentation at a special evening reception. Your generous gift to the Annual Fund is a donation toward every student and family in our Montessori community.

Please make your Gift Today!

We appreciate your contribution or pledge, and we look forward to sharing how we have applied those monies towards improving our school and supporting our community. You may make a one-time donation through FACTS Giving. You may also make a monthly pledge that can be charged along with your Smart Tuition payments or charged to your credit card for the amount of time you choose. Thank you for ensuring a healthy financial future for Arbor Montessori.