Arbor’s Montessori Community

A school is more than just teachers, classrooms, and curriculums.  A school is also a home for our families.  At Arbor, we have chosen to be a true Montessori community.

What does this mean for you and your child?

First, it means that all members of our community know and live our mission: To develop the full, unique potential of each and every child. This drives everything we do.  All business, policies, design, and decisions must serve this mission.

Second, it means that our parents and teachers benefit from the same Montessori principles of respect and collaboration that guide and govern the Arbor classroom.

Third, it means that we support our families in creating events, classes and groups to build community and relationships.

Getting Involved

At Arbor we rely on time, talent, and financial support from our families and friends. You can become a PIC, serve on a Board Committee, sign up to help with the World Fair, or bring your expertise to the auction—there are hundreds of ways to help! For additional ideas, please contact our Director of Communication.

Community Events

  • Annual Arbor Auction
  • Fall Family Fun Night
  • World Fair
  • Classroom Potlucks & Picnics
  • New Parent Evenings & Dessert Parties
  • Parents’ Nights Out
  • Local Atlanta festivals

Classes & Seminars

  • Curriculum coffees and evenings to provide parents with in-depth information about Montessori curriculum
  • Active Parenting classes
  • Classes for nannies and caregivers to ensure consist and easy transition from school to home
  • Discussion/support groups for children whose parents are divorced/divorcing
  • Classes for parents of children with ADHD