Choosing a School

You already know choosing a school for your child is an important task. You want to set them on a course for success and provide them with a place of learning that will best suit them. Asking yourself some key questions may be helpful in your search:

What kind of learner is my child?

Does your child enjoy completing tasks independently? Are they socially driven? Do they rely on their senses to help them explore the world around them? What are their areas of strengths and areas in which they may need more support?

What values are important in a school?

Different schools emphasize different dominant values. What is most important for you and your family? Academic rigor or academic choice? Individual growth or community strength? Consider what combination or balance of values you would most like to cultivate in your child.

How do we define success?

For many people, definitions of success have changed over time. What is the ultimate goal of a quality education? Do you want your child to pursue a high-paying career? Should they find a way to contribute to their society? Do you want them to follow their own path to success?

How can a school prepare my child for a changing world?

Traditional models of education were developed to prepare people for a workforce of the past. The way people work is different, and it can be difficult to predict how it will continue to evolve. Does a school have the ability to teach children to be both independent and cooperative? Are they learning to think critically and creatively? How is innovation fostered?

It is a good idea to consider logistics. Is the location of a school a benefit? If the school is tuition-based, how can your family find ways to make that work?

Visiting a school and asking questions can help families make informed decisions. Call us today to schedule a tour and see if our school might be a good fit for your child.