Apogee: Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship

Through our partnership with Apogee Georgia School Choice Scholarship Fund, you can contribute to the Financial Aid program at Arbor and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit off your Georgia state taxes. Your contribution is held in a fund managed by Apogee to help provide tuition assistance to eligible Arbor students who, otherwise, would not be able to afford full tuition.

About our Apogee Partnership

The Financial Aid Tax Credit (FATC) program provides an opportunity for taxpayers to redirect Georgia tax dollars to provide financial aid assistance to incoming Arbor students that are eligible for entry into public school (ages 4, 5,and 6) OR who transfer to Arbor from public school or have been homeschooled. 

This year Apogee was able to sponsor six Arbor children for a total scholarship award of $43,508.

How to participate:

  1. Visit Apogee123.org and click Get Started Apply Today.
  2. Click Application: Onine Submission
  3. Select New or Repeat Donor. (If repeat, enter your Donor ID or email address).
  4. Choose your filing type and fill in your contact information.
  5. Select Arbor Montessori School as the recipient school and decide how much you want to pledge.
  6. Click Submit! A portion of the taxes you’ll owe next year will provide scholarships for Arbor Students.

Learn More about the Tax Credit Program

FAQ: Apogee Scholarship Education Tax Credit Program