Admissions FAQs

Do you accept transfer students from non-Montessori schools?

Yes, we evaluate all children for our programs individually, regardless of schooling background.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes, Arbor’s financial aid program is funded by our community through annual giving. At elementary and adolescent program levels, financial aid is available to current and transfer families. Financial aid is also available to primary level students beginning at age five. There are currently no awards for 100% tuition; each family receiving aid is asked to pay a portion of the tuition fees.

Do you have an after-school program?

Yes, our after-school program, known as the enrichment program, is open to children ages 5 and up. The enrichment program is offered at our Lavista campus (with shuttle service available from our Scott campus) and is open from 3:00pm-6:00pm.

What options do parents have for their children in the summer?

Arbor offers a variety of one week summer camp sessions, which are announced in the spring of each school year. Many parents choose to hire a nanny in the summer or share a nanny with other parents. They also coordinate group play dates and schedule their childrens’ attendance at the same camps so they can share carpool.

What are the teachers looking for when my child visits?

At toddler and primary levels, teachers are focused on evaluating temperament and whether the child would be a good fit within the community of the classroom. At elementary and adolescent program levels, student skills are considered alongside their developmental age. We consider their fit in the classroom community and their individualized learning needs.

Can I choose between the Scott Blvd. or LaVista campus for my primary child?

You may request a preference for a campus. We will take the request into consideration and try our best to accommodate you. However, placement of children is also based on the needs of each classroom. Since our classrooms are multi-age, we seek a balance of ages and genders in every environment.

My child isn’t potty-trained yet. Can they attend?

Yes, children who are not potty trained are welcome in our toddler program. However, children must be 2 ½ years of age and potty trained before they can begin our primary program.

What is the difference between the full-day and all-day programs?

Our full-day program at our Lavista campus is for primary children aged five, who are emotionally, physically, and intellectually ready for a full academic school day. The full-day program runs from 8:30am-3:00pm. A full-day program is also available at our Scott campus for 3- and 4-year-old primary children and runs until 3:15pm. Our all-day program is geared toward parents who require childcare after the traditional school day ends. The all day class provides the convenience of having the child in the same environment all day long instead of hiring a nanny or placing the child in another after-school program. The all-day program runs from 7:30am-6:00pm.

Does my toddler or primary child have to attend school five days a week?

Yes, all students attend school five days a week. Because young children don’t have a firm sense of time, a five day school week provides consistency and order, while generating enthusiasm and excitement towards the work of the classroom day to day.

Do you offer after-school extracurricular activities?

Yes, we offer students ages 5 and up a variety of activities including drama, chess, robotics, art, music, and more!

Do you have a sports program?

Yes, starting in fifth grade, students may join one or more of our no-cut sports teams. Teams include cross country, track and field, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. Arbor sports teams compete against other Atlanta-area private and independent schools.