Adolescent Program

Arbor’s 2022 Graduates

by David Tyler, Adolescent Program Coordinator

The annual Observer provides a glance into the lives of our graduating eighth years as they head off into the brave new world of high school. These students, many of whom have been at Arbor for their entire educational experience, are our crowning achievement as a school, and we are so proud of them.

This group is small but has done some of the most impressive work of any graduating class.

They continued to deal with the lingering effects of a pandemic on their educational experiences but have taken it in stride. They have run businesses with dedication, holding more Coffee Corners and Markets than groups pre-pandemic. As a class, they have moved farther in math than any prior class, bringing a diligence to their studies that they maintained right up to the end of the year. They have produced amazing artworks and musical pieces and digital productions. They have hiked and biked, written and performed, shared and persevered.

They are dedicated to their work and to each other.

It has been my privilege to work with, teach, and watch these incredible young people grow. Thank you for your support of our programs at Arbor and for all that you do to help foster the development of these amazing young adults. As AP guides, we are the lucky ones who get to watch this last stage of growth, where everything they’ve learned before comes together. We send these young people off to high school, knowing that they will do great things.

Congratulations to the class of 2022!

Read about the graduates in their own words, in Arbor’s 2022 Observer.