Spotlight On: Parent Involvement Coordinators

As school begins, so do our annual Dessert Parties, where you’ll meet one of the anchors of Arbor’s parent community: your Parent Involvement Coordinator, or PIC.

What is a Parent Involvement Coordinator, and why are they so important?

A Parent Involvement Coordinator (PIC) is an experienced Arbor parent who volunteers their time to answer questions, share experiences, and help parents acclimate to our school. They are also an invaluable help in assisting with class events and projects.

A PIC serves as an important link between the teacher and the parent community. They provide support to the classroom in three ways: communication, organizing volunteers, and welcoming new families. PICs have a critical job in classroom life, helping the teacher and the parents move through the school year. 

This help ultimately makes a better experience for everyone, as the classroom community is one of the building blocks of the whole school community.

Where can I find my classroom PIC’s information?

Contact info for our PIC Committee Chairs and PICs in each classroom are listed in the Staff Directory section of Arbor’s Connections Directory. These physical directory books are delivered to parents by the first week of September.

What questions can PIC’s answer about my classroom?

Your classroom PIC can answer questions that involve classroom or school-wide events, or classroom volunteer opportunities. A PIC cannot answer any questions about an individual child, personal situation, or academics. Questions about individual students should be brought to the classroom teacher or to the appropriate school administrator.

What kind of events does a Parent Involvement Coordinator organize?

Each classroom is unique, and each teacher asks PICs to do different tasks and organize events specific to their classroom. Past organized events have included playground play dates, seasonal potlucks, and weekend family activities.