Adolescent Program Alumni

Arbor’s 2021 Graduates

by David Tyler, AP Coordinator

Every year, we look forward to celebrating our graduating 8th-years. These students, many of whom have been at Arbor for over a decade, are our crowning achievement as a school, and we are so proud of them. This group has lived through some of the most difficult and different times in recent memory. Though their AP experience has been anything but normal, they have persisted and grown as students, as leaders, and as members of our community.

Our eighth years have become masters of transition. They transitioned from fully-online classes to too many versions of hybrid-learning to count, finally finishing with in-person classes, where they have thrived. They’ve had to deal with temperature checks, giving presentations through masks, and the loss of their trips. These students had to pivot, completely rethinking many of their student-run businesses.

Yet through all of this, they’ve still had an enormously successful year. We’ve transformed our garden space to a fully-functioning micro-farm and community garden. Our chickens have produced more eggs than we know what to do with. Our students have created amazing works of writing, and as a class have gone farther in math than any prior group of 8th-years. They put on a multi-media production and stuck together through the hardest times. They are resilient and they are strong.

I have been honored to work with, teach, and watch these incredible young people grow. Thank you to the entire Arbor community for your support of our programs at Arbor and for all that you do to help foster the development of these amazing young adults. As AP guides, we are the lucky ones who get to watch this last stage of growth, where everything they’ve learned before comes together.

And then, as the sign says, they get to “go anywhere.”

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