Adolescent Program

The Adolescent Microeconomy

As you may have noticed last week, Arbor’s Adolescent Program (AP) is very busy with business! Is there something more to an opportunity to grab a cup of coffee and a scone during carpool? Is there something more to that piece of cracked marble jewelry or beeswax candle than a fun craft project? Absolutely!

The work of the AP businesses, or “microeconomy,” addresses the need for development of economic independence in the adolescent. By participating in various business operations, students gain personal knowledge of operations of a small business. They create business plans, set operational goals, practice budgeting and accounting principles, meet customer service demands, engage in product production, and manage their own revenue.

Dr. Montessori clearly defined exchange as an essential activity for participating in society:

“Social life is not sitting in a room together or living in a city. It does not regard social relations. The essence is that something is produced which is useful to the whole of society, and is changed for something else. Production and change, exchange, are the essence of social existence.”

Maria Montessori

The social organization of a Montessori middle school (known as an adolescent program) incorporates multiple opportunities for students to take on leadership roles within the community. These opportunities are key to the development of self-confidence and practical skills necessary to young adulthood.

We hope to provide the Arbor community more opportunities to support the AP microeconomy leaders in their work throughout the year.