Toddler Teacher

Tips on Activities to Do with Your Toddler this Summer

Summer break is quickly approaching, providing you with the opportunity to spend some relaxing and fun time with your children. What could you do with your toddler during this time away from school?

  • Gardening: A great opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your toddler. Let your child help you to turn the soil, plant flowers/herbs/vegetables which need weeding and watering. You could have fresh-cut flower arrangements all summer and your children will probably eat more vegetables when they have grown and harvested them at home. Don’t have space for a garden? Use window boxes /pots for planting.

Exploring Outdoors:

  • Take a nature walk with your toddler and look for birds and insects, learn their names.
  • Take them to an art museum or botanical garden.
  • Pick berries.
  • Make popsicles; go outside to draw with sidewalk chalk or to blow bubbles. At night, catch and release fireflies or look at the stars.
  • Reading: Do not forget to read your child. Reading will also help limit TV watching and time with electronic devices.
  • Let them take part in household chores: Ask your toddler to help you with daily household activities. You will be impressed with their window-washing, polishing, mopping and sweeping skills.

Mealtime, nap time and bedtime routines provide consistency and stability. Please keep in mind that it will be helpful to your child to maintain his/her routine as much as possible during these weeks away from school as you capture as many of the joyful moments with your child.