Alumni Spotlight: Mallory Ellingson

Graduation Year: 2007

Where do you live now? New Haven, CT

Did you enjoy your time at Arbor? Absolutely.

Who was your favorite teacher? Jan Deason.

What were Arbor students campaigning for/ most interested in when you were a student?
We were really involved in connecting with the local community—we adopted a creek and cleaned it out and we met and did in-depth interviews with our neighbors around the school focusing a lot of the civil rights movement in Atlanta.

If you are in the working world, what are you doing and where are you working?
I’m a PhD Student in Epidemiology at the Yale University School of Public Health.

Do you think your time at Arbor helped you to pursue your career? If yes, how?
I think Arbor really encouraged a love of learning in me, a curiosity about the world and a desire to do good that helped guide me both toward public health and academic research.

Did you ever envision doing this while you were at Arbor?
I remember telling people when I was a little kid and was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up that I just wanted to be in school forever. I’m now in “19th Grade” so, so far so good.

Are you still friends with anybody you met at Arbor?
Yes! About eight people from my year were reunited last fall at the wedding of a mutual friend. 

Would you send your children to Arbor? Absolutely.

Do you still believe in the same principles as you did when you were a student?
I’m not sure I had defined principles as a pre-teen, but I do think that Arbor strongly influenced the principles that I have now.