Primary Program

Persistence. Creativity. Confidence. by Myesha Green, Primary Teacher

On May 1st, the children and I spent our morning circle time discussing all of the things we celebrate in May.  We chatted about Mother’s day, May Day, Memorial Day, (Star Wars Day) etc…  The children were curious about May Day and asked what people do to celebrate on that day.  I explained that May Day is a spring holiday full of festivities including food and dancing.  I also told them about a tradition that involves tying ribbons onto a pole and having children dance around the pole to celebrate May.  This discussion about the Maypole sparked the following conversation between Henry (my three year old friend) and me while the other children listened intently.

Henry (H):  We have ribbons at my house.  We can make a Maypole!

Mrs. Myesha (M):  Well, we would also need a pole.

H:  What about a flag pole?

M:  Flag poles are for flags, so we are not invited to use the flag pole for making a Maypole.

H:  Well, we can buy a pole!

M:  Where can we buy a pole?

H:  From the pole store!

M:  Really?  What pole store will you go to?

H:  Michael’s pole store!

M:  Oh!  I see.  So are you going to make a May pole at your house?

H:  Yes.  You’ll see.
At the time, I remember smiling at his insistence and determination as I sent the children off to have lunch and playtime.  I even shared the story with my husband later that evening. We both smiled at the thought of Henry asking his parents to buy him a pole from the pole store. Imagine my surprise when I received the following email from Henry’s mom two weeks later:“Don’t laugh… But any chance you would like to do a maypole with the kids tomorrow? Henry insisted that we make a maypole at home!”

You see, Henry went home and shared his desire to build a Maypole with his family.  With the help of his parents and grandmother, Henry went to Michaels to buy a bamboo pole.  He carefully selected the ribbons and helped his grandmother attach these ribbons to the top of the pole.  He then “poked a hole” in a Styrofoam cone and placed it on the top of the pole.  Today, he and his family shared his maypole creation with the entire class. He beamed with pride as he invited his friends to help him wrap the ribbons around his Maypole.

Persistence, Determination. Initiative. Confidence. Creativity. These are just a few of the character traits your three-, four-, five- and six-year-old children are developing each day as they learn and grow in our small community of 30.  Here, they get to explore materials in an environment that nurtures exploration, curiosity, problem solving, and imagination.