Elementary Program

The Greatest Joy from a Lima Bean – Becca Fernandez, Lower Elementary Teacher

The kids are complaining again. “Why do they always sell us the noisy crickets?” They are chirping away over there, eagerly awaiting this afternoon’s feeding of Spike.

As usual, we have had a busy week. We have a beautiful model underway: an icy ocean scene complete with icebergs made of sugar cubes and some adorable penguins. One is even carrying an egg carefully on its feet! I have been informed that our multiples charts are far too small to be of assistance to children doing long division. A second year has taken it upon himself to create a giant multiples chart to fill the void. (You may recall one of those essential Montessori principles, “Limit the materials.” This is a perfect example of why we are very careful not to overstock the classroom with materials, charts, books, and so on. There is always something left for the children to create themselves.  Of course, the new giant multiples chart will conveniently “disappear” over the summer to give the next child a similar opportunity in the future.)  After a grueling wait of 24 hours, a group of first years was thrilled to dissect the lima beans they had soaked overnight.  Warms a teacher’s heart to hear someone yell across the room, “Look! I found the cotyledon!” And with that, the children have experienced the greatest joy they will ever get from a lima bean in their lives.

We are happy to welcome Eleanor Dean back for the day from her new Montessori school in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Anybody up for some weeding next week?  Our lettuces and greens are growing well, but so are our weeds.

And, a little laughter to finish up the week.  One of our second years is researching the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. A small group gathered to ooh and ahh over a book of photos.  They quickly cooked up a plan that you should probably be aware of, just in case.  They plan to choose a building designed by Wright and purchase it for themselves.  I gently asked about the price of one of these buildings, but they assured me cost will not be an issue.  Apparently, an entire group will be pooling their money to purchase the property. Watch your wallets this weekend!

Enjoy the Fun Run in the morning!  I am so sorry to miss it this year, as I loved last year’s race.  I will be spending the day at Medicine Bow learning the ancient art of archery. Cannot wait to hear the stories about the race on Monday morning.

Take care,