Elementary Program

Gratitude by Emily Peters, Lower Elementary Teacher

I am often reminded of the wonderful work the children did with Nancy Fernandez in this class environment in the years previous to this one.You know how a fragrance can remind you of years gone by?  Grandmother’s cookies, a spicy soup, or bread baking?

Well during our morning work cycle today, several children made lasagna (yes, lasagna!). The classroom filled with the aroma of cheeses, tomato sauce, oregano and garlic.  I commented to a third year that the delightful smells were making me very hungry.  She said, “Yes, I remember one time Nancy smelled something we baked and she said, ‘I think that’s a class favorite!’”  She went on to say how much she enjoyed her cooking and baking experiences with Nancy.

I am reminded of how fortunate I am that I have ‘inherited’ such a well-prepared and nurtured community of children….not just in culinary skills but in mathematics, language, geometry, geography, biology and more.  I pay tribute to this past and build on it as we continue our work…with gratitude for the work that was done before this school year.

With gratitude and appreciation,